Venture Norfolk is here to help with your next new business venture.

Venture Norfolk is a community-based, not-for-profit Corporation located in Simcoe, Ontario, and is funded by the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario. Their mission is to assist individuals, businesses, and organizations in the creation and maintenance of jobs in Norfolk County. Venture Norfolk plays a local leadership role in delivering financial and consulting services to small and medium-sized enterprises and in providing community economic development services to communities in Norfolk County.

Their newest program “Getting Started in Norfolk” helps with start up costs. The first year of a small business startup offers significant challenges in adjusting to the uncertainty of the business cycle. As you consider starting a new small business in Norfolk County, the Getting Started in Norfolk loan, available through Venture Norfolk, will help you prepare for those challenges.

Here is some of what you could expect with a successful application.

  • A loan of up to $10,000
  • An interest rate of Royal Bank Prime + 2.0%
  • Monthly interest only payments in first year
  • An amortization period up to 5 years
  • Free professional guidance from community partners on key small business topics
  • Monthly meetings to help monitor your progress
  • A $500 grant is available on the first anniversary of the loan for qualified applicants

For more information on applying for this program visit Venture Norfolk.

Venture Norfolk Small Business Loan