Monthly Archives: July 2018

Bringing Canadian bacon to China

The Canadian pork industry celebrated a milestone achievement at the Ontario Pork Congress today.

Shortly before noon, Mr. Yan, president of the Inner Mongolia Dahaoheshaw Agriculture and Husbandry Science and Technology Co. Ltd. in China, signed a contract to purchase 1,000 nucleus purebred pigs and 1,000 doses of frozen swine semen from Ontario-based companies.

Alliance Genetics Canada (AGC), a swine genetics company headquartered in St.… Continue reading

Boost for Ontario ginseng growers

Ontario ginseng has become a hot commodity in markets around the world in the past decade, and Canada’s Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister wants to help farmers capitalize on that growth.

Lawrence MacAulay visited the farm of Bob Yin just south of Waterford on Tuesday to announce an investment of $360,521 to the Ontario Ginseng Growers’ Association (OGGA) to help in promotion and pursuit of new… Continue reading